The Cycle-Smart Foundation is committed to saving young people’s lives by promoting safer cycling and, in particular, the use of cycle helmets

News - New DVD featuring BBC Sports Presenter Mike Bushell released

A NEW DVD featuring the sports presenter Mike Bushell has been produced by The Cycle-Smart Foundation specially for parents and carers.

Called “Is Your Child Cycle-Smart?”, the DVD is a visual guide for parents and carers to enable them to understand how they can help their children become safer cyclists.

Mike Bushell guides parents through all the steps they can take including cycle training, how to fit a cycle helmet correctly, the psychology of wearing a cycle helmet and the benefits of cycling.

There is also a basic bike maintenance guide included on the DVD to help parents and their children learn how to look after their bikes.

Angela Lee, the charity’s founder and chief executive, said: “Parents are keen for their children to cycle because they know there are great health and environmental benefits attached to cycling but they are worried that their children won’t be safe.

“This new DVD is the perfect visual guide covering every aspect of safer cycling from cycle training, to how to fit a helmet correctly, the right clothing to wear and how to look after your bike.”