The Cycle-Smart Foundation is committed to saving young people’s lives by promoting safer cycling and, in particular, the use of cycle helmets

News - New leaflet on safer cycling for teenagers

The Cycle-Smart Foundation has produced a new safer cycling leaflet for older children and teenagers.

Called “Get ahead, get a helmet!” the A5 full colour leaflet is aimed at cyclists aged 10 to 15 and it covers all aspects of safer cycling from how to fit a cycle helmet correctly to the importance of being seen by using bike lights and wearing high visibility clothing.

It also urges youngsters to get cycle training and to make sure they check their bikes regularly, in particular, the brakes and lights.

Angela Lee, the charity’s founder and Chief Executive, said: “By the time children get to secondary school they frequently face a lot of peer pressure not to wear a helmet and this leaflet has been designed to help them understand why it is so important to wear one.

“It is also makes it clear there are other measures they can take to help protect themselves like not wearing headphones whilst they are cycling and if it helps to save just one life this leaflet has been a success.”